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too much

please don't look at me like that
i may give in if you stare
and i don't give a damn
what i want or if you can
i can see we can't do this anymore

maybe i wasn't there, maybe i'm out of touch
maybe i just don't care, maybe i think too much

i think we should stay apart
go to recollect our thoughts
for reasons i can't see
you were coming back to me
and it seems i made the same mistakes again

maybe i am to blame, maybe i just gave up
maybe i'm not ashamed, maybe i know too much

i thought i wanted this so much
actually i always will
but i have to be real
and forget the way i feel
and hold on to the better times we had

maybe i'm underground, maybe you're oversea
maybe i'm lost and found, maybe you're just like me
maybe it's all a lie, maybe another try
maybe my time is up, maybe i care too much

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make believe
other side
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dying in my sleep
too much
catch me if you can
don't know why

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