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stats: chris newcomer

Full Name: Christopher Michael Newcomer
Occupation: Bass Player/Singer
Nicknames: Newc, Wings
Day Job: Actor
Location: Hollywood, CA
Born: 2/18/75
College: Susquehanna University, class of 97
Fraternity: Phi Mu Delta

Hobbies: Rollerblading, Photography, Video Games.

Influences: Steve Harris, Flea, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews.

Favorite Albums: Pearl Jam - Ten, Dave Matthews - Before These Crowded Streets, Bob Marley - Legend, Counting Crows - August and Everything After, Dave Matthews - Live at Red Rocks, Pink Floyd - Pulse.

Favorite Movies: Austin Powers, Star Wars Trilogy, Swingers, Very Bad Things, Friday, The Doors.

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons, The X-Files.

Favorite sports teams: Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Eagles, LA Lakers.
Favorite drink: Bombay Sapphire & Sprite
Favorite cheap drink: Captain Morgan & Coke
Favorite beer: Guinness
Favorite cheap beer: Tie - Yeungling lager, Natural Light
Favorite munchie: Cool Ranch Doritos
Favorite fast food value meal: McDonald's two-cheeseburger
Favorite chain restaurant: TGI Friday's
Favorite book: Webster's Dictionary
Favorite word: Free
Favorite comic strip: Garfield
Useless talents: "I can put my legs behind my head..."
Favorite video games: Goldeneye (N64), NHL 98 (PSX).
Favorite time of day: 4:20

Favorite Quotes:

"Ha ha"
- Nelson Muntz

"It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do."
- Butthole Surfers

"Honestly, do I make you horny, baby? do I?"
- Mike Myers in Austin Powers

"It's Friday, you ain't got no job, ain't got shit to do!"
- Chris Tucker in Friday

"I take a drink, sit back, relax, smoke my mind, make me feel better for a small time."
- Dave Matthews

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