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dying in my sleep

take away the light, i can't stand to see
burning oh so bright, burning yes indeed
take away this wind, blowing me away
scarring all the features of my self-deluded ways
take away the light, forcing me awake
i just want to sleep, i just want to ache

suddenly i realize
this place is new to me
as if i'm floating through another
of my surrealistic dreams
and yet i feel a certain urgency
approching with this light
i somehow know deep in my soul
something's amiss, something's not right

take away my fear, it's all i have with me
i'm naked in this space, and the light is getting closer
and i know i'm not prepared to meet my destiny
i don't believe in fate, but fate believes in me
and now i know just where i am, i'm dying in my sleep
i do not understand, i pray my soul to keep

suddenly i wonder
why i feel such agony
i may soon discover
what this life i led will mean
and then in one dramatic flash
my life repeats itself for me
and i scream no i can't be dead yet
i have someone yet to be

i haven't said goodbye, no i don't want to die
i know i have complained, but i could still get by
if i keep searching for an answer, searching for a way
to give this life a meaning, to give this life away
to this sad and twisted world where no one wants to play
and nobody's insane, no nobody's insane
but everybody's crazy
everybody's mad

suddenly the light
is about to swallow me
and with a scream i am awake
as if it all were just a dream
stacks of empty bottles
are my only company
and i swear i cannot remember
when i last felt so alive

as when i saw the light

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