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sometimes i try to be all that you want
sometimes it's easy to be
every once in a while i can manage to smile
and forget my impossible dreams
i could sing out my heart as i beat my guitar
and i hope that somebody can hear me
and i swear to you now through the smoke and these lights
that i'll never see anything clearly

sometimes this world can be crazy as hell
to the point where so little is shocking
and i'd tell you i haven't felt like this for years
but it might be the alcohol talking

look out tonight the milk chocolaty sky
has secrets i know it is keeping
and somewhere behind that electrified haze
are the stars that i see when i'm sleeping
and the fog on the street is invading my mind
and it makes my consciousness swim
and all that i don't want to know i forget
as i violate reason again and again

sometimes the truth is two heartbreaks away
where uncertainty likes to go walking
and if i knew where i would carry you there
but it might be the alcohol talking

it might be this warmth that i feel
and it might be the way that you looked at me
it might be this raspberry mystery
that's unravelling right here in front of me

i wish i could think of something profound
instead of this trivial remarking
as the light through your window awakes me again
i cannot hear the alcohol talking
and the smell of last night still hangs in the air
as i open my mind without knocking
and everything's clear except for one thing
was it all just the alcohol talking

it might be

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