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3/22/2003 - Bucket is in hibernation indefinitely. We're not broken up or anything, but we only get to play about once a year anymore. But if you want to spread juicy rumors of our demise, please feel free to use the following suggestions:

- Jason is working three jobs to support six children from eight different women.
- Ryan was killed in a bizarre spelunking accident.
- Chris is in rehab for addiction to pencil shavings.
- The equipment was stolen by caribou.
- The home studio made from saltines and baseball cards isn't working right yet.
- The instruments were lost gambling on junior high field hockey.
- The stage at their last venue collapsed when the ape molested the elephant.

Anyway, there is new material yet to be recorded, and hopefully someday we'll get it put together. Rest assured, you will hear it here first.

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