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Bucket hails from a scary little city in central Pennsylvania called Harrisburg. It has three members: Jason Heim, Chris Newcomer, and Ryan Zimmerman. Ryan and Chris were next door neighbors and knew each other for awhile before Jason came along. Chris (the bass player) and Ryan (the drummer) used to jam around with random guitarists and singers, pumping out the cheese metal covers that were way too abundant in the eighties.

In 1989, Chris and Ryan were off to Central Dauphin East High School. That's where they met this guy Jason, who fancied himself a guitar player, and was just itching to find someone to jam with. Jason dropped by Ryan's place once and they tried to make some things work, but nothing much came out of it at first.

Luckily, they didn't have much else to do and they kept getting together for little jam sessions, but nothing seemed to work out well. The simple fact was, Jason was a pretty lousy guitar player and he can't play any of those speed-of-light guitar solos from all that cheese metal. Finally, though, a band called Nirvana got big and made it okay to make music with nice, simple riffs and great lyrics. They started out covering the song 'Lithium', but one piece was still missing: vocals.

Jason took a little time and taught himself to play and sing at the same time, and could actually do a decent Kurt Cobain, so the last piece was solved. They were now a band, and had something to build on.

From then on, it's been gig after gig here and there laced with trips to various recording studios:

- The first studio effort from bucket was titled 'Basement Graduation'. It had eight songs and was recorded in less than one day. Tapes were home-dubbed and packaged, including the covers they cut out from cardstock copies they got at kinko's. Copies of this are very hard to find. Songlist:

    - ecstacy
    - unconscious
    - chaser
    - story of a sunset
    - patriotism
    - lonely
    - realization
    - invincible

- Their next effort involved re-recording several of these tunes. It was done over three days. Only tapes were reproduced, but they were done by the studio this time. It was called 'Made of Clay' There were ten songs:

    - make believe
    - destiny
    - don't know why
    - unconscious
    - dying in my sleep
    - ecstacy
    - too much
    - invincible
    - catch me if you can
    - dizzier

- Next came the first cd, 'Ultra Generic Retail World'. For this we kept some previous recordings, re-did others, and added new songs. This had twelve songs, plus 'dizzier' as an extra:

    - channel
    - still
    - make believe
    - destiny
    - other side
    - fully automatic anti-stress machine
    - dying in my sleep
    - too much
    - catch me if you can
    - don't know why
    - unconscious
    - downstairs

- The latest album is 'Deluxe Widescreen Edition'. Nine new recordings from The Green Room in Harrisburg, plus a PC video game hidden on the cd. Audio tracks:

    - at the bottom
    - ampersand
    - vernacular
    - clearscreen
    - first to know
    - aquarius
    - away
    - brewed
    - prelude

for samples from the latest two albums, go to the music page.

the first cd

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