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Well, after these three guys learned a few of those early grunge covers, they got a little full of themselves and started playing for whoever would listen. When they graduated in 1993, they all went down to Ocean City, Maryland, with a bunch of friends for plenty of partying.

Jason had taken down his acoustic guitar so he could mess around if he got bored. Ryan took his drumsticks with him, and so that he would have something to bang on, he took along a big plastic bucket from the pool he worked at. They messed around a bit and put together little acoustic renditions of the covers they knew, and decided to see what would happen if they took this little act on the boardwalk.

By the second song, there was a big crowd of drunk high school kids singing along. It was probably just the alcohol, but these people were really getting into it, in fact the boardwalk cops had to break it up because the crowd was blocking the boardwalk train.

But after that, the name was set: bucket.

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