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- The 'bucket' writing on the cover of 'deluxe widescreen edition' was done with flashlights and an over-exposed piece of film. It took three tries to get right.

- Jason, Chris, and Ryan appeared on the radio in Harrisburg before they were bucket. They recorded themselves with a walkman doing a wack cover of "So Whatcha Want" (yes, by the Beastie Boys). It got on the radio by getting the most money for charity in a high-school contest. There were two other guys - Chris Hocker and Rich Sanford. Jason did MCA's rap and made ape noises. They went by the name, "the Huskies". They narrowly beat out Mel Torme's rendition of "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". The DJ cut off the last verse of the song because it was so bad.

- The strange distortion bleeps in 'aquarius' are intentional. So please stop asking, Mom.

- The smiley guy on the cover of 'Ultra Generic Retail World' (UGRW) is lovingly referred to as 'Buck'.

- There was a guitar solo recorded for 'fully automatic anti-stress machine' on UGRW. They forgot to include it in mixdown. D'oh!

- The extra track (13) on UGRW is called 'dizzier'.

- In the liner notes of UGRW, the album is dedicated to the memory of TIM. This actually stands for 'Totally Imaginary Man'. He doesn't exist, but we had to dedicate our first album to something.

- Chris won about $44,000 in prizes including a Lexus on Hollywood Squares.

- Ryan lived in London, England for awhile.

- Jason's video game won the first "Game of the Month" award from (before it became GameHippo).

- Chris has appeared as an extra in several TV shows since he moved to LA, including ER, 90210, and Clueless.

- Jason's dad's cousin is Gore Verbinski, the director of "Mouse Hunt", "The Mexican", "The Ring", and "Pirates of the Carribean".

- Ryan has an autographed photo and drum head of Rod Morganstein, who was the drummer of Winger at the time (ha ha!).

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