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a bonus on the new cd

Deluxe Widescreen Edition has a somewhat different kind of 'hidden track'. Many discs these days have an unlisted track. A lot also have software content in the form of music video and other shockwave stuff. But 'Deluxe Widescreen Edition' has a free video game 'hidden' on it.

To play the game, you just need a 486 or better PC (sorry, no mac or unix port yet), and a CD-ROM drive. When you open the CD in your PC, you should see a 'Spryjinx' folder. Open that, and inside is an executable called 'Spryjinx'. Double-click that, and enjoy the game!

Spryjinx is a totally free game which you can also get from the spryjinx homepage. So why the heck did we bother to include it? Because we can. It only works under DOS and Windows 95/98 though.

Now how many bands out there have a cd with a video game written by one of the band member? I'm guessing there aren't many. We want to be a little different i guess.

You can also copy the game from the cd if you wish. It is freeware. Just be sure to copy the entire contents of the Spryjinx folder, otherwise the game won't work. Also, there are image and level editors to customize the game to your liking. But to use them, you will have to copy the game to your hard drive (you can't save your work on the cd).

For more info on how to play, strategies, and such, go to the spryjinx homepage, or read the README file on the disc.

And above all, enjoy the game!

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